Limited Edition*. Valentines Keepsake Box

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Limited Valentines Keepsake Box 

Valentines Keepsake Box comes with one everlasting rose, one SweetTART cocktail bomb, 5-6 sugar bombs in a acrylic box and satin ribbon 

Flavors: SweetTART, 1.65 inch Black cherry sugar hearts and Prosecco Rose skull shaped 1.25 inch sugar bomb 

                          • one bomb per serving

Cocktail Bomb Flavors  : SweetTART, Black Cherry, Prosecco Rose 

Everlasting Rose: Pink, Red Black


Pink Rose -Pink heats- SweetTART cocktail bomb

Red Rose - white heart with red edible hearts, SweetTART cocktail bomb 

Black Rose - Prosecco Rose skull sugar bomb, SweetTART cocktail bomb 

Flavors and colors subject to change 

Suggested Retail: 65.00