Infuse Your Booze Case Pack MYDRINKBOMB (TM)

Infuse Your Booze Case Pack MYDRINKBOMB (TM)

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**12 Pack Infuse Your Booze Case Pack- Comes with two of each bottle

*Infusion Kit Included in every bottle

Prosecco Rose- Pink Bottle 

Rose rock sugar, peppercorn, fennel seeds, clove, dried rose buds and rose petals


Citrus Spice Mix- Black Bottle 

Orange rock sugar, orange zest, lemon peel, cinnamon, star anise, clove and orange lili 


Blueberry Lemonade- Gold Bottle 

Lemon rock sugar, dried blueberry, lemon peel, lemon powder and butterfly pea leaves 


Lavender Lush- Green Bottle 

White rock sugar, lavender, lemon peel, lavender rock sugar, gomphrena flower and jasmine 


Hibiscus Rose- Silver Bottle 

White and brown rock sugar, deep red rosebuds, hibiscus flower and fennel seeds